Lawyer Who Photoshopped Self Into Celebrity Photos Posted On Firm Website Suspended For Deceptive Advertising

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“You are known by the company you keep” – Aesop’s Fables As lawyers, we are often judged by prospective clients based upon the quality of our past or existing clients.  If you represent a large, rich, powerful corporation, the message that sends to a prospective client is – if he or she is good enough for them, that’s good enough … Read More

APRL Clarifies Advertising Report Did Not “Slam” Current Ethics Rules

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As reported last week, on June 22, 2015, following a two-year study, the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (“APRL”) Board approved publication of the Report of APRL’s Lawyer Advertising Committee.  As explained on the APRL website, “The Report recommends extensive revisions to lawyer advertising rules so they are compatible with modern electronic means of communication. The Report recognizes the need for … Read More