Lawyer Who Photoshopped Self Into Celebrity Photos Posted On Firm Website Suspended For Deceptive Advertising

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“You are known by the company you keep” – Aesop’s Fables As lawyers, we are often judged by prospective clients based upon the quality of our past or existing clients.  If you represent a large, rich, powerful corporation, the message that sends to a prospective client is – if he or she is good enough for them, that’s good enough … Read More

Theft, Intimidation, Lies and Obstruction Nets Turkey of the Month Award

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The newly-branded Turkey of the Month (f/k/a Jackass of the Month) Award goes to David J. Steele. An attorney since 2003, Mr. Steele was disbarred by the Indiana Supreme Court, which charged him with eight counts of misconduct involving among other things “theft of client funds, retaliatory disclosures of clients’ confidential information, pervasive dishonesty, and a pattern of conduct prejudicial … Read More